Making our site easier for you

We've developed our website with the aim of making it as easy as possible for everyone to use. It has a responsive design which means the website will adapt to your screen size and to the orientation of your phone or tablet.

Accessibility options

You can find out about the accessibility options available in some of the most popular operating systems and browsers using the links below:

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If you are using software that reads the content of your computer screen, you can avoid listening to the menus being read to you on every page once you've become familiar with the website. When you’re listening to the site being read to you by your screenreading software, you should hear a link “skip to content” near the top of the page. Select this link to jump direct to the page content.

Alternative text for images

All images (other than purely decorative images) have associated text that describes the content of the image. If you are using screenreading software, it should read the ‘alt text’ to you.

Descriptive links

Links like ‘More about…’ and ‘Find out more…’ have extended descriptions that screenreading software should read to you – for example, “Find out more about Flexible Choice mortgage”.