Our commitment to customers

As well as operating our own business in a sustainable way, we also want to help our business customers achieve long-term prosperity through developing sustainable growth plans, considering both the environment and the wider society in which organisations operate.

We have partnered with Future-Fit, a non-profit organisation, which provides businesses, investors and policy makers with the tools and guidance to create a more sustainable future.

The partnership is key to our approach to sustainability within our business and Future-Fit is part of our new sustainability strategy. We are committed to embedding our priorities into our core operational and strategic decisions. These include increasing financial inclusion and wellbeing, removing barriers to business and community success and protecting and nurturing the environment.

Virgin Money Sustainability
Benchmarking Tool

As part of our partnership with Future-Fit, we have launched a beta benchmarking tool that helps us understand which businesses are actively taking steps to create a sustainable future. The tool supports SMEs to rapidly understand their likely environmental and social impacts, and provides guidance on remedial steps to ensure they achieve their sustainability objectives. The beta version is open to all SMEs, with access to the full tool and its features. We will also be developing and evolving the tool based on user feedback.

Used in a banking context for the first time, the tool has a user-friendly question set that draws upon the established Future-Fit methodology that enables businesses to holistically assess their environmental and social impacts. The benchmarking tool uses a scoring mechanism and guidance to identify and address areas which require further focus.

Download the beta version of our Virgin Money Sustainability Benchmarking Tool (EXCEL, opens in a new window) (Most compatible with a Windows PC)

Download the Virgin Money Sustainability Benchmarking Tool Case Study: How banks can use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to help build a better future (EXCEL, opens in a new window) (Most compatible with a Windows PC)

Future-Fit Development Council

Virgin Money is the first bank to join Future-Fit’s Development Council, a select group of international businesses from across key industry sectors. Members are committed to true sustainability leadership and are willing to collaborate actively in the development of the Future-Fit methodology and tools, such as the Business Benchmark, ensuring they are useable and useful across any industry and for any size of company.

Virgin Money joins existing members, including Chanel, De Beers, Novo Nordisk and The Body Shop, and will augment the council by providing the insights of a bank and major provider of financial services to the UK SME market.