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Aiming for excellence

We strive to lead the way and go above and beyond our legal responsibilities in all matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing. Our statutory duty is to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues, and others that may be affected by our activities. This is woven through our business activities to minimise the risk of harm and protect customers and colleagues.

Managing risks and safety

Our health and safety management system is embedded into our activities and is reviewed regularly to reflect required changes and demonstrate compliance. We have a proactive approach to managing potential risks, and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement through risk assessment, monitoring, audit and review. These processes help to reduce our accident and incident frequency and severity as well as preventing occupational disease. This enables us to provide a safe and healthy place to work All colleagues complete mandatory health and safety training. This learning covers the health and safety risks they may encounter no matter where they work as part of our flexible working strategy. Hand in hand with our module we have a health, safety and wellbeing hub to support and provide guidance, training and links to policies and risk assessments, along with the wellbeing support and signposting we provide to all colleagues.

Supporting our colleagues

Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where colleagues are encouraged to proactively manage their personal wellbeing. Mind, Body, Social Connections and Finance make up our four pillars of wellness. We believe that a healthy mind and body are essential to our colleague’s wellness, but Social Connections and Finance can also have a major impact too. Throughout each year we focus on initiatives to support colleagues with their wellbeing linking back to our four pillars. We can focus on the trends which are highlighted in the data received through the Employee Assistance Programme usage. This data helps us shape our wellbeing activities and initiatives for the year ahead. Mental health is a focus for our programme and features several awareness events such as Stress Awareness month, World Mental Health Day and support for families.

The wellbeing programme helps to educate, inspire and facilitate good mental and physical wellbeing at work or when returning to work, while supporting colleagues to fulfil their personal and family responsibilities. There are many support services colleagues can access which link to the four pillars of wellbeing. These services provide colleagues and their families support with physical health, bereavement, legal advice, family and specific mental health support for young people.

To help support our mission we have goals to reinforce the importance of physical activity for colleagues to stay active and improve their mental health; enable colleagues to think creatively about when and where they work through a life more virgin; maintaining and creating new social connections with others; help colleagues stay well by highlighting the main health risks facing our colleague populations by providing the right support, tools and information. Build on the foundation of mental health awareness already in place and inspire colleagues to make tending to their mental health part of their daily lives.