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Strategy for success

The Board is committed to achieving long term success for the Virgin Money UK PLC (Group) through delivery of its strategy. The strategy is underpinned by high standards of corporate governance appropriate for a publicly listed company.

The Group operates within a corporate governance framework, which meets the requirements of the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Corporate Governance Code.

Key documents and policies

Key documents and policies which form part of the corporate governance framework and highlight the Group's commitment to corporate governance are set out below.

Board charter

Virgin Money UK PLC is governed by a Board of Directors. Information on the authority, role, responsibilities, structure, composition and meeting procedures of the Board of Directors, and of the Board’s oversight of its subsidiaries, is set out in the Board Charter. The Board Charter also describes matters which are reserved for the Board.

Board Committees

The Board may from time to time establish committees as it considers necessary or appropriate to assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. The charter for each committee sets out the authority, role, responsibilities, composition and meeting procedures of the committee.

As required, the Board may also establish sub-committees to assist the Board in the oversight of specific areas that may require more detailed attention.

Financial crime

We’re committed to preventing financial crime, including money laundering, sanctions, bribery and fraud. Find out more in the following documents.

Internal audit

The Internal Audit Charter sets out the purpose, scope, activities and responsibilities of the Group's Internal Audit function, along with the organisational framework within which it operates.

External audit

On 19 March 2024 Virgin Money’s auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, gave notice that they would be resigning with effect from 19 March 2024. The statement of reasons in connection with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP’s resignation, provided in accordance with section 519 of the Companies Act (Section 519 Statement) is below.

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