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Following Virgin Money’s launch of its purpose-driven ‘A Life More Virgin’ employment package, the bank has confirmed changes to its property portfolio to support its flexible working approach. The changes follow Virgin Money’s announcement on 30 September 2021 that it will have lower office space requirements as office hubs are re-purposed to fit new ways of working.

Under ‘A Life More Virgin’, the majority of colleagues will be able to work remotely for significant periods of time, travelling to offices primarily for collaboration purposes. Virgin Money will deliver modern, collaborative hubs for colleagues in its key locations under its new working arrangements.

As a result, the following changes will be made to office space:



Leeds Briggate

Fraser Ingram, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Virgin Money, said: “With ‘A Life More Virgin’, our colleagues have much more flexibility to choose how and where they work. To support this, we will ensure we offer modern, vibrant and collaborative hubs in our key locations, striking the right balance between creating spaces to support the needs of our colleagues, cost efficiency and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

Virgin Money will be working with colleagues to ensure the final design of the new physical footprint meets everyone’s needs.