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Following the announcement of an increase of 0.15% in base rate by the Bank of England on 16 December 2021, Virgin Money has announced the following changes to its mortgage variable revert rates:

Virgin Money

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

  1. Residential SVR will reduce by 0.06% to 4.49%, to align the rate with the Virgin Money SVR.
  2. Residential Offset Variable Rate will increase by 0.15% to 4.70%.
  3. The buy to let revert rate, Offset Variable Investment Housing Loan Rate, will increase by 0.15% to 5.10%.
  4. The new rate will take effect for new customers from 13 January 2022 and for existing customers from their next payment date after 13 January 2022.
  5. All mortgage and savings tracker product rates will increase in line with individual product terms to reflect the Bank of England rate change.