Our vision

Our purpose is to make people happier about money. In order to do that, we need to see and feel the world as our customers do. This means having a truly diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

That is why we're focused on sponsoring diverse talent at every level and achieving a fully diverse leadership population (gender, ethnicity, disability, LGBT+) by 2030. But where we can, we want to go further faster.

Inclusion & diversity means more to us than just chasing a target. Our people are at the heart of the inclusive culture we’re striving to create, which is why we focus on the individual first and ensure our targets are a longer-term commitment.

Our Inclusion Pledge

At Virgin Money we want everyone to be at their best and all of us to feel a sense of belonging.
“All” - It’s a pretty small word with a pretty big meaning.
So when we say all at Virgin Money, who do we mean?

Women, men, cis, trans and non-binary.
Straight, lesbian, bisexual, gay, asexual.
We’re citizens of the UK and elsewhere
White and black and Asian.
Atheists to Zoroastrians and everything in-between.
We’re blind, hearing impaired and neurodiverse.
Cancer survivors or partners of a cancer warrior.
We experience stress, anxiety, depression,
short-term illness and long-term health conditions.
We’re children and grand-children, and we have children and grand-children.
We’re single, married, in civil partnerships. We’re widows, we’re separated.
We’re carers for the people we love.
We’re military leavers and military partners.
We live alone, with partners, with friends, with our extended family.
We’re urban. We’re rural.
If you’re none of the above, one of the above or lots of the above, we mean you too.

So, how can we make sure that everyone feels they belong?
By standing up instead of standing back.

By living and breathing our values.
By starting a dialogue, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, not worrying about getting it wrong.
By celebrating all of our differences, not just accepting them.
By being agents for positive change.

Enabling financial inclusion is what we do.
It’s how we’re making you happier about money.

Building an inclusive culture

We’ve worked hard to build an inclusive culture where all colleagues can be comfortable, confident and live their best lives. Our inclusion pledge captures our inclusion expectations for colleagues and shows the richness of who we are.

This is supported by our code of conduct “doing the red thing” and our e-learning for our whole workforce to enable colleagues to be themselves in the workplace and encourage others to do the same.

That is why we've built solid foundations:

Board diversity & inclusion policy


As a Board, we are proud that inclusion is at the heart of our culture, is written into our values, and is being driven through meaningful actions across our business.

  • We are striving to build a workforce which reflects the diversity of our customers, helping us to better understand their needs, make more rounded solutions, build stronger relationships, and tap into new ideas and innovation. As part of our inclusion strategy, we want to build a truly inclusive culture, where every colleague and customer feels they belong. This is why we are embedding inclusion within all the key drivers of cultural change including: performance; selection; development and the diversity of our Board members.
  • This Board Diversity and Inclusion Policy (Policy) sets out the approach to diversity and inclusion in the composition of the boards of Virgin Money UK PLC, Clydesdale Bank PLC and Virgin Money plc (Board) and covers at a high level the approach to diversity at all levels within Virgin Money which is governed by Virgin Money’s Group Inclusion Policy.
  • As part of our overall inclusion strategy the Board is committed to ensuring that its membership reflects diversity in the broadest sense. Recruitment of Board members considers diversity of skills, background and personal strengths to provide the range of perspectives, insights and challenge needed to have a positive impact on the quality of decision-making.

Policy Measurable Objectives

Our core objectives are to ensure membership reflects diversity and inclusion as broadly as possible.

  • The Board member selection and appointment process is led by the Governance and Nomination Committee.
  • All Board appointments are made on the basis of individual competence and merit taking into account the skills, experience, independence and knowledge required measured against objective criteria set by the Governance and Nomination Committee.
  • In recruiting Board members careful consideration is also given to the broader diversity benefits each candidate can bring to overall Board composition.
  • The Governance and Nomination Committee will require that HR and / or any third-party search firm (as applicable) identifies and presents candidates meeting the objective criteria in addition to due consideration of demographics, race, age, gender, educational and professional background and other relevant personal attributes.
  • The Policy, its objectives and targets will be reviewed at least annually by the Governance and Nomination Committee and presented to the Board for approval.
  • The Policy will align where relevant to the Virgin Money Inclusion Policy applying to all colleagues and all other relevant policies and principles.
  • Progress on achieving the Policy targets and how the Policy objectives have been implemented will be reported in the Governance and Nomination Committee’s report in the Virgin Money UK PLC Annual Report and Accounts.


Our targets have been developed in line with our Group objectives and purpose.

  • The Board aspires to meet the target set by the Hampton Alexander Review* to have a minimum of 33% women’s representation on the Board.
  • The Board also aspires to meet the target set by the Parker Review Committee** to have at least one director of colour by 2024 or as soon as possible after that date.
  • Effective Date: This Policy is effective from 1 October 2020
  • Approved by the Board of Directors of Virgin Money UK PLC
    30 September 2020
  • * Hampton Alexander Review – FTSE Women Leaders – Improving gender balance in FTSE Leadership – November 2016
    ** A Report into the Ethnic Diversity of UK Boards – Sir John Parker – The Parker Review Committee – Final Report – 12 October 2017

Our commitments to inclusion

We are committed to delivering our inclusion strategy to make us a more inclusive business with a supportive culture and positive working environment. As part of our commitment, we are working with external partners who provide us with advice and support in the following areas.

Our Inclusion Steering Group Members
Fraser Ingram
Fraser Ingram

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer

“I am delighted to be the sponsor of Aspire. I started in Banking as a trainee bank officer in 1984 and have received lots of support and opportunity during my career. Developing our skills and experience helps deliver our ambition of becoming a true national competitor. People have different needs as they move through their career and being part of the Aspire network can help colleagues reach their full potential.”

James Peirson
James Peirson

General Counsel and Purpose Officer

Continuing our focus on supporting inclusion across our organisation, I am delighted to be the Sponsor for disability, enablement and health, working closely with our Enable Colleague Network Group, focusing on understanding more about the disability and health issues experienced by colleagues and customers, and driving initiatives to help make Virgin Money an inclusive bank for all.

Enable provides support and advice for colleagues and their families contending with, or affected by, a range of disabilities or ill health. Our ultimate goal is to make our organisation one where doing business is easy and straightforward for everyone.

Enda Johnson
Alison Kidd

Interim Chief People Officer

Military Service touches a surprisingly large number of people – one in five families, including mine - across the United Kingdom. I am therefore incredibly proud to sponsor our Vets@Virgin colleague network. As a Gold Member of the Government’s Employer Recognition scheme, we aim to provide support and awareness to Armed Forces veterans as they return to civilian life as well as supporting the families of those who have served or are currently serving. Through our work with forces friendly businesses, charities, rehabilitation centres and homeless sanctuaries, we aspire to be an employer of choice and inspire others to encourage, support and champion our network and get involved to make a difference in the lives of those who sacrifice so much.

Fergus Murphy
Fergus Murphy

Chief Customer Experience Officer

As the proud sponsor of our Vibrant (LGBT) Colleague Network Group, I am a firm believer that everyone should have the same opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, faith or disability. With the Vibrant Network, I help to drive sponsorship and support projects and initiatives across the organisation and be an ambassador for the Bank, helping to build our reputation and learn from the outside.

Our promise

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme encourages employers to support defence and inspire others to do the same. As Gold Award holders we are recognised for the increasing levels of support we provide to the Armed Forces community we employ and for delivering over and above our commitments to the award.