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A brighter future, working together

FinTechs enrich our services and bring the best-in-class solutions to our customers.

We're positive, straightforward people and as a signatory of the FinTech Pledge and a member of the FinTech Delivery Panel, we are committed to making our onboarding process straightforward, transparent and accessible.

The FinTech Pledge Principles

  • Provide clear guidance to technology firms on how the onboarding process works through a dedicated online landing page
  • Provide clarity to tech start-up firms on their progress through the onboarding process
  • Provide a named contact, guidance and feedback
  • Encourage good practice and improvement
  • Commit to implementing this process 6 months from signing this pledge and providing bi-annual feedback in the first year

More information about the FinTech Pledge Principles can be found at Technation FinTech Pledge Link opens in a new window

Onboarding process

We have developed a FinTech-specific onboarding journey which enables us to onboard eligible companies into our incubator within 10 working days.

The FinTech should ensure they are aware of our purpose and have a clear vision about how they can add value
A Relationship Manager will be in contact with clear, transparent feedback on the decision outcome
A short down-selection period will take place to validate the opportunity
We'll be in touch to understand more about your business and how the partnership will be mutually beneficial
If our values and purpose are a match then please email our inbox to connect with our team
Successful FinTechs will be invited to join our FinTech Incubator to work together to define, explore, and test partnership opportunities

Work with us

Making our customers happier about money is our core purpose. If you also want customers to feel happier about money please contact our team today.

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